This page is inspired by Derek Sivers and the Now Page Movement. Lisa and I often have people ask us what we are up to. This page is to help answer that. This is what we are up to now.

Updated April 2019

It has been almost nine months since I last updated this page. Wow, time flies. What is more surprising is that in May it will be two years since we stepped out of fulltime ministry and left Red Point Church. In a strange way, it feels both recent and distant. In one way it’s like it happened yesterday and in another, it feels worlds away.


Lots of people ask me how my family is doing. I have good news. They are all doing well 🙂 Lisa is still working at Kloof Pre-Primary and is enjoying it there. Summer and Ruby celebrated their birthdays last month with Summer turning six and Ruby turning three. They are growing so fast! The other day we were all at home and the house was way too quiet. Lisa and I wondered what the girls were up to because normally if things are that quiet it can’t be anything good. We found them in their room both sitting down paging through their books. It was a happy moment for us. In an age of being transfixed by screens, I hope that reading will continue to be a joy for them.


I continue to work for Write GEAR, which is the company that my brother and I founded in 2014. For the most part Write GEAR continues as normal but there is one bit of exciting news. We have just launched a new website and online store called The Bible Treasury (Go check it out sometime). In Write GEAR we brought one of my passions to SA and now in The Bible Treasury we are trying to bring another, even bigger passion. There is something special about Bibles that last a lifetime. Bibles that have been beautifully crafted.


I preached a Sunday sermon for the first time in over two years on the Easter weekend. It was very exciting to be preaching again and stirring knowing that a season is changing. Lisa and I always knew that we would spend about two years out of ministry in relative obscurity. With the two year period almost up we know our season is changing. For the last month we have spent focused time asking God what the new season will look like. Will we plant a church? Will we lead an existing church? Will we engage in ministry in another way? Or will we continue to keep working in the spaces we are currently in? Lots of questions being asked and we are trusting God will lead us clearly into our next steps.


There have been many times when I was ready to throw in the towel with the Acts 29 Academy. I was struggling to find time, was not inspired, and I had found out the course was going to take considerably longer then I had signed up for. A friend of mine, in no uncertain terms, told me not to quit. He said I would regret it forever. How glad I am that I heeded to his advise. The last year has been really good for me. I have found my theology stretched and my depth challenged. I think in the long run doing this would turn out to be a real game changer.

Currently Reading

Sinclair Ferguson | The Whole Christ – This is one of the set books for a module I am doing with the Acts 29 Academy. The book is on the Marrow Controversy. Yes I know most of you are going “What on earth is the Marrow Controversy?” I was saying the same thing. Controversies aside this is an incredible book. Highlights once again the beauty of grace and being included in Christ.
Frank Herbert | Dune
– I finally started reading the Science Fiction classic. Not much to comment on as I have just started however I am excited to finally tackle this book.
Donald Miller | Building a StoryBrand – A book on marketing and clarity and it is just brilliant. It has made me think about a lot of different things, especially at work. It’s a worthwhile read.

Disclosure: I sometimes include affiliate links in this page. This means if you click on a link and make a purchase from Amazon, they will pay me a small portion of that purchase. This is my attempt to fund some of my Acts 29 Academy reading material and so I can keep my book budget alive for “The Margins”.