This page is inspired by Derek Sivers and the Now Page Movement. Lisa and I often have people ask us what we are up to. This page is to help answer that. This is what we are up to now.

Updated August 2018

We are well into the second half of the year and it is time for an update again. Lisa fully settled into Kloof Preprimary and doing well. I continue to work for Write GEAR while studying and doing the odd bit of ministry. More details below.


We are fully settled in at 3C Church in Westville. At the end May I went on a trip with Peter Watt to visit and minister in some churches in Maputo, Mozambique. What a city. Diverse, growing and full of potential and challenges. In a small way I am back into student ministry to UKZN Students. I have a once a month session of discipleship and then we go through the Bible together on Whatsapp.


A lot has changed on this front. After a really disruptive year last year, with so much uncertainty and change, I decided I needed a more settled year for 2018. With that in mind I started working for Write GEAR in January 2018. I never imagined being in the market place after twelve and a half years of full-time ministry. Lisa and I thought we would be in ministry until we died. However we both think for now it is the right move. It offers stability in a number of ways as well as giving us a breather to better decide on what the next step of ministry will look like for us.

I am also in my second year of studies at Acts 29 Academy. It has been interesting, challenging and sometimes frustrating but undoubtable a good space for me to be in during this season of our lives.

Currently Reading

Anthony Doer | All The Light We Cannot See – WOW!! I was unsure about reading this book. I didn’t know if I wanted to read another World War 2 novel. I was wrong. This book is amazing!
Zack Eswine | The Imperfect Pastor – Just so good. As a Pastor of 12 years I cant tell you enough about how good this book is. Wish I had of read it earlier.
Mark Sayers | The Road Trip that Changed the World – A really interesting take on modern culture that is really worth reading.
Harper Lee | Go Set a Watchman – I have only just started reading this but To Kill a Mockingbird was so amazing that I am really excited about this one.